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OKULIX is a program package which calculates single rays exactly.
The visual impression of extended objects (e.g. Landolt's rings) can be simulated by the superposition of many rays.Diffraction from the pupil aperture is taken into account additionally. Exactly in this context means, that the refraction of rays at each optical surface is calculated using Snell's law. 

For a single ray passing multiple surfaces the calculation cannot be performed by analytical formulae, because otherways so-called "transcendental equations" occur which are unsolvable for principal mathematical reasons. Instead of an analytical calculation OKULIX solves the problem by numerical methods. 

OKULIX is a program for the calculation of the monochromatic optical properties of the human eye. The designated use in the sense of the CE-rules is the adaptation of intraocular lenses (IOL) and the calculation of ablation profiles for the refractive laser surgery. Users of OKULIX are ophthalmologists. 

Other applications are not conform with the product designation. 

OKULIX complies with the requirements for european medical products 93/42/EWG and is labelled with the CE sign for a class I medical product. 


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